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89 minutes! The ball into the! Lore! Robben! ! !

Clock back one hour, then, Bayern lore hero or a "bear." The first half, Robben lost two consecutive one-shot opportunity, on Twitter, microblogging, "black Robben" became unstoppable trend. wholesale soccer jerseys from china "Torres and Robben what's different from the former in the final goal, which lost in the final machine ......" custom soccer jerseys "What's the difference Robben and time? Time passs (pass: including the passage of time, passing other means)." ; basketball national champion Wang Shipeng once more made ??microblogging ridicule: "Robben is a undercover."

"Black" Robben who seem very adequate grounds, the Netherlands Peter Pan to a major finals on "thrown off balance." 2010 World Cup finals, Robben lost to Spain to fight single-handedly; wholesale soccer jerseys free shipping against Borussia Dortmund last season, Robben penalty throw penalty; Champions League final against Chelsea, and then lost Robben penalty, wholesale soccer jerseys Bayern at the Allianz frustrated. Now and then lost two pole, the Dutch seemed to embark on the old road.

May God prewritten script, youth soccer jerseys you would never guess the ending. The first 89 minutes, stand up lore is Robben! That lightning forward runs, sophisticated ankle Shui shot, and Musongpiqiu network wholesale soccer jerseys china focused eyes, who can say he psychological vulnerability, are perennial losers?

Robben after scoring rush! Knees! Shout! wholesale replica soccer jerseys Hold for so long, all the vent out! 2010,2012,2013, three, three Champions League finals, Robben shot a total of 27 times, and finally, those who adhere to Heaven live: 27 feet, into! Or champion lore!

Shibuguosan the third year, and the wholesale college soccer jerseys third field, Robben was complete. Since then, made ??no one could get "missed lore," the topic to humiliate the Dutch, because at the moment since Robben is "lore of this." 89th minute goal, the Champions wholesale replica soccer jerseys china League final in the history of a much later than Robben, leaving less time to the opponent's lore ball, also dates back to 1999 for Manchester United's Ole Gunnar Solskjaer kill Bayern!

This year's Champions League and Europa League, two people wholesale soccer jerseys with similar experiences, have similar inspirational drama performances. What Torres and Robben same? They have all been "black" mercilessly, but they all scored in the final, and they eventually won the!